1:1 Mini-Coaching via Voxer

Ever wish you had support & guidance to get something done by the end of the week?

Then take advantage of this 1:1 Mini-Coaching Package!

It’s PERFECT for you if:

✔️ You have a specific project that needs to get done this week

✔️ You have a particular goal you want to achieve by Friday

✔️ You know what result you want to see from all your hard work

But maybe you’re facing some CHALLENGES:

👉 Procrastination is keeping you from doing this thing

👉 The distractions keep pulling you away

👉 It’s hard to see how you can actually get it done

👉 You wish you could just focus, stay on task and finish already

👉 You don’t trust yourself to follow through….


🙌 Direct access to 1:1 productivity coaching advice, guidance and actionable solutions so you can work as efficiently as possible.

🙌 A strategy and plan that will give you clarity, allow you to see exactly how you can get this thing done, and how to fit it into your schedule.

🙌 Serious accountability. Someone checking in on you and your deadlines, keeping you focused, on track and on task.

🙌 An expert to answer all your questions when you get confused, overwhelmed, demotivated. Pick my brain and reach out when you get stuck.


⭐ 1:1 coaching happens Monday – Friday (dates vary depending on when it launches)

⭐ All communication, coaching & support will happen via audio and text messages on Voxer (a free messaging app that’s super easy to download and use)

⭐ Your investment is only $49 USD (this is by far the lowest price I’ll ever charge for 1:1 access to me!)

⭐ 3 spaces available each time it launches

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“As an entrepreneur there is always so much to do and working with Jodi helped me to think about what I need to prioritize. I learned not to do everything at once and not to over work.

I knew what I wanted to achieve, and having accountability and support made it easier for me to accomplish. And because we planned my time out well, I stuck to it.

I would say if you have a one- off task or project to get done in a limited amount of time call Jodi! She’s an entrepreneurs best friend. As entrepreneurs we tend to try and take on too much alone. Even a coach needs a coach!”

--- Shovorne Adams, Christian Women’s Entrepreneurship & Accountability Coach @thehopetable

“I was struggling with productivity, scheduling and goal setting. I was frustrated that I was getting nothing accomplished.

Jodi provided me with great feedback and was very encouraging. I was able to complete all the goals we set and even saw results, including higher enrollment in an upcoming workshop. I was also ready for the workshop early and not just scrambling the night before.

I am feeling more unstuck and committed to action.”

--- Lisa Harrietha-Benson, Kids Life Coach @ kidslifestudio.com