Get more sh** done each day

If you've been wanting more focus and clarity about what you're doing each day, this DAILY PLANNER has got your back.

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Here's what you'll get clarity on:

📋 Your #1 top priority for the day so you can work intentionally instead of randomly jumping from one thing to the next.

📋 The "top 3 things" you want to get done by the end of the day so you can follow through and get the most important stuff done.

📋 A breakdown list of the smaller tasks required to achieve your #1 priority and "top 3 things" so you can stay on track even when you get distracted or pulled away.

📋 A gratitude and "wins list" of what you've accomplished lately so you get that shot of dopamine to keep you motived. 😉

📋 White space to write down thoughts and ideas that come to you throughout the day so you can come back to them later and stay laser focused on your priorities.

👆 (it's in PDF format which can be filled out online or as a printed copy)

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"I recently started using Jodi's daily planner and it has been such a help!

This is the least stressed I've ever felt!"

- Jacqueline Destremps @ Another Hand Advantage