Priorities Bootcamp

Wish you could just get your PRIORITIES straight?

Have you found yourself thinking:

--> “I have a lot of good ideas, but figuring out where to focus my energy is tough.”

--> “I’m already so busy with ______, I can’t get to ________.”

--> “I have no idea where to start or what to prioritize.”

--> “When I sit down to work, everything feels urgent and important…ahhhhh!”

Then the Know Your Priorities 5 Day Bootcamp is PERFECT for you:

🙌 Move from feeling scattered and confused, to knowing with confidence exactly what you need to be working on.

🙌 We’ll take all those great ideas spinning around in your head and pull out the priorities, so you can see a positive impact on your biz quicker.

🙌 Instead of constantly jumping from one thing to the next, you’ll be laser focused on the right things.

🙌 Feel at ease and guilt-free about how you’re spending your time.

Here’s what you can expect each day of the 5 day bootcamp:

One email – your quick and dirty lesson for the day (takes about 3-6 min / day)

One worksheet to help you identify those priorities (takes about 15min / day)

⌛ A bonus video with extra tips and insights to take your priority setting to the next level (takes about 3-5min / day)

Those priorities aren’t going to set themselves, so sign up now (your first bootcamp email will arrive 24 hours).

"I got super clear on what I wanted and need! Feeling so happy knowing that now my time and energy is flowing in the right direction."

- Kylie Crawford @ Beading4Healing

"I learned how to easily establish my priorities, which means I've stopped procrastinating!"

- Simone Anderson @ Whimsy Botanicals

"If you feel like you need more time to get things done, maybe you're focusing on the wrong things. This bootcamp will help you to figure out what to do first."

- Jacqui Wiseman @ Princess Ballerinas